Here you'll find all Original Paintings that are available to purchase. Every collector tells us how much better the art looks in person, so we recommend a visit to our studio for the best decisions.   


It has taken Tanya over 28 years to perfect this innovative and very detailed multi-layer technique using an assortment of painting mediums, with many incorporating natural crystals, each original takes up to 1-3 months to complete. The uniquely raised texture catches your eye in the changing light, shimmering as you pass by,  viewing spectacularly from every angle. Sealed with a kiss, yes Tanya applies paint to her lips and kisses each painting goodbye as part of her signature.


“I am undeniably addicted to art, it fills me like nothing else can, this is what I live for, so you can feel the Creator in my creations, especially in the originals.”

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1714_As Above   So Below 76x152cm $9500.
1713_DiVine Reflections 102x102cm $7500.
1704_Whispers in the Vines 60x120cm
1705_Life's flat without Bubbles 120x60cm
1703_Party in my Mouth 150x50cm
1709_Miss Sparkling Cuvee 50x75cm
1708_Miss Sparkling Blush 50x75cm
1707_Miss Sparkling Shiraz 50x75cm
1706_Go with the Flow 61x91cm
1399_A Splash of Red 100x100cm
1690_The Butterfly Effect 150x50cm
1691_Mother Natures Party 90x135cm
1688_Hidden Treasures 100x150cm
1687_Let us Play 60x120cm
1673_Song Tree 40x120cm
1671_Sisters Song 70x105cm
1660_Natures Cathedral 114x30cm
1655_Crested Pigeon 40x40cm
1659_I Love Blue 30cm Dia
1657_I'm King 30cm Dia
1189 Give it to me Straight 150x55cm
1188 Maa Tina 150x65cm
1609-10-11-12 Growth Set 114x30cm x4
1431_FANtastic FORrest 80x120cm
1513_Riding a Parisian Party 60x90cm
1572_Blue Rose 114x30cm
1533_My Suns Set with you 80x120cm
1477_With a Wave of Lemon 80x80cm
1478_Today a Rooster Tomorrow a Duster 80x80cm
1481_The Stirrers 90x135cm
1524_Wild Grevillea 100x26cm
1319_Where the Wild Ones Grow 102x152cm
1486_Flying Free 70x105cm
1296_Fill it to the Top 100x100cm
1301-2-3_And We Danced - Immortalised - In Paint 100x150cm x3
1361_On Top of Spaghetti 80x120cm
1182 Topped with a twist 118x92cm $4950.
219 Lost in a little liqueur 40X30cm
218 Warm cherry red 40X30cm


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1182 Topped with a twist 118x92cm $4950.