Personalised Canvas Prints in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Sydney. Available Australia Wide

At our Gallery in the Hunter Valley, our most popular personalised art product is our Hand-finished Canvas Prints, as they look like Tanya Loviz's Original Paintings and have that personal touch but cost considerably less than the Original Paintings.



You start with a Canvas Print of your choice, then the artist Tanya Loviz will embellish and add the changes you've requested onto your chosen Canvas Print using paint, textural mediums and various crystals if you desire. She can even add your very own jewellery or small items of importance to make it truly unique to you.


Below are a few examples of how you can personalise your art print.

Change backgrounds completely - see her children's names & ages in the T-shirts


Change hair & eye colour, or your features to create portrait canvas prints


Add hidden messages, names or memorable dates - see the message in her hair


Change dress colours or the whole outfit, yes you can take clothes on or off (:


Add your pet, car, shoes, jewellery, there are so many options when adding the things you love to your Personalised Hand-finished Canvas Print.



You can send a photo of yourself directly to Tanya Loviz to create a portrait canvas print in her unique style. The artist will personalise it to represent you, your friends or family, yes you can be immortalised in paint.



You can commission Tanya to create an original painting from scratch in her unique style, starting from $2500 for a 114x30cm artwork. Email or contact the gallery with your ideas, preferred size, and we will get back to you with a quote.


Either way, we are here to help, feel free to ask us anything, as you might be surprised at how creatively versatile we can be at making something really special just for you and also keeping within your budget.