Art is the language of the soul and because it touches the heart instantaneously it's the easiest way to make you feel warm and cosy from within. In this article, you'll discover how certain colours, themes, romance, and lighting can create a few levels of warmth to different rooms.

"Autumn Fire Angel" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS >


Can you imagine the ambience in this room without this artwork of dancing autumn leaves acting like fire embers from the fireplace? This painting makes it look like the fire has never gone out and fills this room with cosiness that makes you want to curl up like a cat in the sun.

"A little Rain makes lots of Steam" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS >


Browns of varying shades create a beautiful feeling of natural warmth. Coupled with the use of timber, lamps, chandelier, and a velvet chair this room becomes a feast for the senses. The artwork finishes it off, evoking feelings of love, making you glow from within and becomes the focal point due to it having the only red and greys in the room plus its lightness.

"Free to Fall" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS >


Yes, the pun was intended...hehehe! Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year because of the swirling colours drifting in the sky, falling on me like playful neon snowflakes that make me want to skip like I'm the luckiest girl alive. This is a perfect example where the brightly coloured artwork breathes life into this inner-city apartment that's engulfed by dormant trees and white surrounds. Throughout the changing seasons, this artwork would look amazing, imagine Autumn reflecting the leaves, Springs buds and Summers green leaves, wow.

"Leaf Presents" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS >


Turn up the heat, this artwork might encourage you to live in the "present" with many hot moments in the bedroom...hehehe. I love it when people create a sensual vibe in their bedroom, it's natural and beautiful and should be celebrated. On a design level, you can see how the black and bold colours stand out with the creamy flesh becoming a contrast, plus the browns tie into the wooden furniture making it cohesive.

"Winter Angel" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS >


The use of natural timbers, soft lighting with warm whites will always give you a feeling of warmth. The artwork almost feels like you are looking out of a window on a sunlit winters day, creating feelings of cold outside and warm in. The rich browns in her tree dress draw your eye to her delicate movement and the flowing design breaks up the rectangle shapes making it feel softer and cosy.

"In my Bed" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS >


Soft lighting and especially dimmable downlights are a fabulous way to create warm inviting energy into a room, especially when casting upon a large artwork with rich vibrant colours. Coming from a European background and growing up with a liberated mother I celebrate the naked body for its artful beauty and naturalness. This is one of my favourite artworks with its thick red paint and cheeky attitude that will get people talking. Also making you feel like you can nestle into her roses and be as sumptuous as her.

With these artful tips, you can embrace the warmth and even turn up the heat making your home a place to retreat and let your soul dance with delight every day. If you need help choosing an artwork, we have lots of years of experience with this, contact us and we will guide you.

P.S. All of the images above are available as small paper prints which can be placed on thin walls or grouped together to create a collage of things you love to reflect your character.


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