When you have art that reminds you of the good things in life you will most likely catch yourself smiling more than usual, similar to having photos of people you love surrounding you. This article gives you a few examples of how art makes it easy to connect to the things that give you deep joy, you know those things that make life worth living.


I'm not just talking about the things you saw but the things that made you grow as a person or understand life in a new way. I remember when travelling the world on my own at age 20 going to places like Mexico, Jamaica and Egypt, I became so confident over that year that I felt like a puma in the jungle of life (don't laugh at me...I really did) and it changed me from deep inside. Now, whenever I see anything to do with my travels I feel that brave feeling, kind of on top of the world, just like this artwork. Art such as this goes beyond the photographs and transcends us to the point where we gained a new understanding of ourselves within this life. To you, this artwork might conjure up completely different feelings and that's the beautiful thing about art, it is the language of the soul and it's for your ears only.

"Eiffel High" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS


Playful art like this instantly reminds you of fun times with the people you love. It keeps them at the forefront of your mind and makes you feel loved and supported cause you know they are never far away. Most people claim a connection to people they love as their most important life goals because it gives the most fulfilling enjoyment.

"40 Glasses of Loviz" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS


If we're being honest here, we can admit to ourselves that love is not always easy. But we also know that it's totally worth it and there's nothing like the divine feeling of love. After being with my partner for over 15 years and going through a myriad of experiences together I often catch my thoughts of gratitude. Art like this reminds you of it daily, love is breeds more love.

"My Sun Sets with You" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS


Especially if you live in a concrete jungle, the art of your favourite location can lift your spirits and take you right there in a flash. We all crave nature in some way, it's just the way we are made up and art can curb the cravings. That's why landscapes are still the number one sellers of all art genre.

"Ghost Gum" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS


Art that screams your personality gives you the confidence to be who you are without apologies, that should make your whole body smile. Surround yourself with things that make you feel alive and reflect your unique personality, then watch your confidence grow.

"Art of the Heel" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS

Art is a gift that fills me as nothing else can, I hope you feel it too. I would unequivocally love to hear your soul touching experiences with art...this is the stuff that makes me beam. Please leave a comment.

P.S. I can personalise any of the artworks on this website for you, like hiding names, quotes, special dates or changing hair, eye, dress colour, even the backgrounds and more. Check out some of the examples and contact us with your ideas, we will help you get something that touches your soul in ways that only art can.


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