Don't be afraid of the is so versatile and full of magical surprises that can be used so professionally depending on what you're after. It's one of the simplest colours to work with, in this post, you'll see how it behaves in a painting or when used on walls and in decor. I have a few black feature walls in my home and it is an almost scary feeling when you start rolling the black paint over the white walls, but I've been so happy with each one and won't look back. Black is back!


This is one of my favourite examples as it uses black and curves in multiple ways to balance out the linear aspects of this modern space. This fluid artwork has a black background and is positioned on a black feature wall, creating the illusion of the woman in the cocktail glass becoming free of the painting and at night with dim lighting, this would be emphasized even more. You would never feel lonely with her in the corner of your eye. Also, see how the dark shapely vases and lamp have been grouped together building a see-through wall slightly separating the open-plan living room that's full of sharp lines.

"Lost my Cherry" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORKS OPTIONS >


Dark feature walls are becoming so popular lately, we are overcoming our fear of the dark and enjoying the impact that black creates. Black is so easy to use as it goes with basically everything, here we have beautiful turquoise as the dominant colours but you could add any coloured artworks to this room and it would look great, just make sure the colours in the art have enough light colours to stand out against the dark. We can help you with our "Perfect Match Service" by putting any Loviz Artwork onto a black background or even into a photo of the room you want it in.

"Love Waves" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORKS OPTIONS >


Black furniture, art with a black background and a dark feature wall are the perfect marriage. This is a beautiful airy light-filled room with lots of pale colours being balanced out with the grouping of the dark colours together which entice you to sit and put your feet up. The bright flowers in the painting bring life and joy to a minimalist space so no matter what the weather is like outside, it's always joyous inside.

"Where the Wild Ones Grow" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORKS OPTIONS >


This one artwork brings everything together in this room and the blue-black starlit sky becomes the focal point because it's the only large dark colour in this space. The blue-toned grey feature wall is perfect as it enhances the blues in the artwork and is complimentary to the golds in the art and sandy golds in the curtains and lounge. The chandelier mimics the stars in the sky and even the chairs reflect the shape of the moon with lots of neutral white keeping it fresh. Using artwork as your inspiration for design in a room makes it easy to make everything feel cohesive like this.

"Lassoed the Moon for You" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORKS OPTIONS >


Basements rarely have windows and instead of trying to change this, (like painting the bricks in light colours, which can look naaaasty) you might want to "own it" and have a dark moody boudoir where you can add warmth in characteristic ways. A place where you can retreat from the world and let the fire burn and the music play (loud), with a bottle of red to share...or not. This artwork with warm rich colours and a fluid uplifting theme becomes the heart of the room, plus piano pillows, and lounges that you can sprawl over make it delightfully relaxing.

"Music to my Mouth" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORKS OPTIONS >


If you're after a focal point in a room try using a contrasting colour, in this case, the artwork that has a bright white mask with a floral headpiece and black background is the winner. The little splashes of red and the fluidity of the artwork balance the grey square and rectangle shapes dominating this bedroom. FYI: Black and white are at opposite ends of the tonal scale and therefore they can look so dramatic, just think of piano keys or Zebra print.

"Masked by Nature" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORKS OPTIONS >


Too much of one thing is exactly that...too much. In a very light space such as this, you can add artwork with predominantly dark colours that emphasize the beautiful flow of the staircase with a cascading waterfall creating harmony with the elements in this room. Nature is highlighted with the connection of the stunning wooden floor to the browns in the rocks of the artwork as the natural light bounces off the soft cream walls and bright white sills that highlight the water. When there is too much light, the dark becomes a friend to invite.

"WonderFall" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORKS OPTIONS >

So I hope you have befriended my old mate black. I've always innately understood black and used it to bring forth my bright colours in art, my clothes, my home...even my mental state...haha! I remember my art teacher would comment all the time, telling me how I shouldn't be using black, but you made it work so keep going. There are so many gorgeous dark colours on the market now with subtle differences that can delightfully enhance your environment. (My fave, that I've used in my home is a dark warm super-rich Dulux colour "Gunmetal Grey" but in a quality Haymes Paint) By being a bit creative and adventurous you might find that a variation of black is all you need to finish off your room or start you in the right direction. Good Luck (:

If you'd like to take advantage of our free "Perfect Match Service" where we insert any Loviz Artwork onto a black background or even add artwork into a photo of your room. Simply contact us and we will help you make the best artwork decisions.


Please tell me how you've used black successfully, I'd love to hear.

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