For all you people who love the outdoors and nature, it makes perfect sense to acquire art that gives you the feeling of enjoying your favourite places. Yes, of course, there are landscapes in these examples but you might be surprised by some of the other ways I've used my art to bring nature inside.


You can catch the sun with paint and if you display this art where the sun sets you will feel like it's eternally shining. This particular artwork has the added aspect of romance which entangles the heart even further and gives your soul an extra tickle as you think of love.

"My Sun Sets with You" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS


If you live near the ocean, placing art that captures your love for the beach also makes you feel good about paying off that whopping big mortgage...haha! But seriously it opens your heart to indulge in its deep mysteries and connect to the sea on a different level. Hidden inside this artwork, can you see the white in the wave is a silhouette of a man reaching to kiss her? Love is so mysterious...especially when it's fluid and free.

"Love Waves" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS

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Some places simply free your mind where you almost lose track of where you actually are. If you've also visited that place, beautiful memories will surface and remind you of how good life can be. With our busy lives, those moments can be a welcome distraction in a room where you want to retreat from the hustle of daily life. Dimmable lighting is recommended to soften the room and so the art can become featured as a place to visit again and again.

"Three Fly Free" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS

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Many people have a strong connection to a particular animal and when you have artwork of that animal you can feel like your tapping into its qualities and using it to your benefit. For me, artworks of birds can stimulate feelings of freedom and naturalness. Often art will push the character of its subject matter, like this one where I let the wings fluidly splatter with paint to capture the essence of freedom which is what separates art from photorealism.

"Fly Free with Me" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS

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I have a strong connection to trees and paint them often with the ever-changing seasons and states, they make me feel so lusciously natural. If you have a similar infatuation and a favourite season you might want to put a tree that lasts longer than a season on your wall.

"gListening to Belle's" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS

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Bring your hobbies inside with art that keeps you motivated to get out there and play. This could be horseriding, bird watching, sailing, the list goes on. This is especially good for seasonal sports when it's harder to get out there because the weather stops you, inside you can still feel the buzz.

"My Life Savers" - Art by Tanya Loviz VIEW ARTWORK OPTIONS

Now that you're armed with these artful tips, you can bring what you love most about the outside into your home to help you feel connected to nature in your own unique way. You would put a smile on my dial if you shared your thoughts and experiences about this topic.

P.S. The artist can personalise any of these artworks for you, incorporating things like your hobbies, favourite animals, changing hair, eye, dress colour to represent you or even changing backgrounds. Check out some of the examples and contact us with your ideas, we will help you get something that touches your soul in ways that only art can.


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