Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I walk around my property often and with paint I've captured my sparkling dam at sunrise and sunset. The golden light dances over the water, the trees, the leaves, and everything in my view, giving me a tickle inside as I watch things glow differently.

"It's so easy to be inspired when living on property in the Hunter Valley and being surrounded by natures ever-changing ways."

"As Above...So Below"


Inspired by my morning lit dam in the Hunter Valley within a National Park. I get to experience nature in it's purest form and had to capture it, often the roos, cranes and many things wild will be drawn to my little watering hole. Hidden inside the tree line is a myriad of faces that represent & honour my community, who are surrounding & supporting me. It's a place where I can reflect, it is heavenly here, which is why it's called As Above...So Below.


Rising Above

Digging Deep

You’ll find me in the Middle

Where everything Meets

Branching Out




As Above…

So Below…

Written 30/08/2020

By Tanya Loviz

Image of the new wine label

"DiVine Reflections"


This artwork is a mash up of the scenes of the two dams on my property, including a small vineyard in the distance with a bit of artistic licence. The ducks were nesting at the same time as I was creating this painting and funnily, we were whacked a few times in the head with wildly flapping wings by the protective parents. So, we learnt very quickly to share our home. Hidden inside you'll find the words, "A Divine Life, Now & Forever" which is how life is when you live in a Hunter Valley paradise...well it is to me. Can you see the sneaky deer hiding in the forest.


As the Gold Falls on the Day

The Reflections Grow Louder

Catching my Thoughts

Then Releasing them into the Wild

Sharing this Space

Living in the Same Home

Connected in the Stillness

Connected by the Earth

Connected by the Glow

A DiVine Life

Now & Forever

Written 30/08/2020

By Tanya Loviz

Watch the video to see the hidden things inside "DiVine Reflections"

Let me know if you think it's "Dam" Good (: (: (:

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