Honestly, what was the big man in the sky thinking when he created this fruit?

The artwork below was inspired by the most unpredictable fruit, the dragon fruit, with its odd pink & green dragon looking skin and white & black polka dot flesh. Hidden inside her dress is the dragon fruit dragon, it is spitting firey fruit from its mouth, and the black dots are like the seeds of this fruit. (FACT: Dragonfruit also comes in a fushia pink & black polka dot flesh variety)

" With a name like this and a skin like that you would think that the flavour would have some intensity, but it doesn't, it is so subtle, gentle, it is only the tiny black seeds that have a playful time popping in your mouth."

As it comes from Asia I thought it appropriate to have an Asian style dress to feature this mysterious fruit and the delicate natural colours in the fan to sway in the breeze.

So who else has a little infatuation with Dragonfruit and would wear it if they could?

Dragonfruit Delicacy - Art by Tanya Loviz


Watch the video below to see the artwork details


Served UP

in a salad with


or straight

in the ROAR!

best raw


have such subtlety in flavour

yet so totally unique

and an absolute deLIGHT

to view

You do

Now ... it is time

to spread your wings

and DIve into a

FANtastical Flight

inside my body


Today I'll indulge in your deliciousness

Thank You

Written 23/02/2012

By Tanya Loviz

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