Life is far more interesting when it gets a bit messy. I often live out my artworks, it's the best feeling to create something surreal and then extend that 2-D creativity into a living breathing experience. This event was inspired by an obsession for the colour red plus one of my paintings called ‘On Top of Spaghetti’ and my Nona who taught me how to make kick-ass Spaghetti Sauce.

We did live out this painting from scratch, making the sauce, making the spaghetti, sprinkling parmesan cheese and basil leaves & wine for an extra kick. Then dressing up in it all and filling up our bellies.

"On top of Spaghetti" Art by Tanya Loviz - VIEW OPTIONS

INSPIRATION & SECRETS: Spaghetti always reminds me of my European Grandmother and her wonderful sauce recipe that she passed onto me, which is my comfort food on such a deep level. The saucy source of the reds in my life come from her, she is the mysterious Gypsy that taught me the life skills needed to live a rich, flavourful life. Hidden inside their spaghetti outfits, is a basil leaf boa, with a sprinkled cheese dress ( Parmesan of course), men hiding in suits in the background and even the bottle is not really a bottle, is it?

"Life is far more interesting when it gets a bit messy."

Watch the photos and video below for a richer understanding of my reds.


Her Sauce is so Sourcey

sometimes a bit naughty

So Rich & Full of BIG REDS

It will make you DaNCE! and ... DanCe ..

a little party in your pants ...

and follow the lines around your body

with Joy ... Joys lovely by the way, you'll love Joy

One bite

Never ... you must beg for more

And you'll end up with a Mighty Butt to prove it

BUT ... It's ok ... cause she loves the bouncy lines, all of the lines...

And really ... what's life

without a bit of EXTRA CHEEK!

Pass the cheese Please ...

Written 1/03/2012

By Tanya Loviz

Like my dear friend Ros always say's "We should all be seen as a work of art" and that she is.

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