Creating new cocktails brings me just as much joy as creating new art...especially when I have to taste test too. Haha!

These cocktails are surprisingly easy to concoct and will definitely stimulate conversations when you bring out a tray of them. The colours of the pineapple and blueberry tail dances so fluidly with that brilliant blue that effortlessly takes me away to a tropical paradise...especially after finishing one. You can experiment with a straw, I used a bendy straw to create the illusion of a peacock head. Please send photos and comments to me with your variations or of the party you hold with your very own PeaCockTails. I'd love to see them (:

INSPIRATION & SECRETS: The shimmering and changing colours of the peacock intrigues me as an artist. Constantly drawing inspiration from these majestic creatures, I've even created a Pea-Cocktail that you can drink, so why not concoct your own Pea-CockTail Party and see how flashy you can get.

PeaCockTail Party - Art by Tanya Loviz


"Cocktails are like Gods way of saying...Enjoy your life!"


Prep your quarter slices of pineapple and insert 5 toothpicks with blueberries on top

Then add ingredients below in this sequence

Lots of crushed ice or ice cubes into your glass

1 nip Blue Curacao

1 nip Vodka

Mixed with 1 cup lemonade

Fruit Garnish

Then suck that little peacocktail dry....mmmmmm hmmm


Add ice and 1 nip of Blue Curacao

Add 1 nip of Vodka

Add 1 cup Lemonade

Garnish with Pineapple, Blue Berries and a straw that mimics a Peacock neck and head.

Then suck that little Peacocktail dry....mmmmmm hmmm...enjoy

After might end up like me...hehehe

Lost my Cherry - Artwork by Tanya Loviz


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