Years after this natural disaster I still feel to blessed to have escaped the Winmalee Fires.

We were so lucky to have very narrowly escaped the 2013 fires when we lived in the Blue Mountains. Many people we know had lost their homes or had been distressed by the fires in some way. We wanted to do our bit to help these victims rebuild their lives.

I kick-started an initiative called ‘Lets Rock The Mountains’ with ‘ROCC’ – an acronym used to coin the phrase ‘Rebuild Our Community Colourfully’; Loviz Arts wanted to encourage individuals and businesses to follow our lead and give generously to help bushfire victims. “ROCC The Mountains aimed to fill our burnt but ‘battling on’ community with a positive attitude and generate a sense of hope and generosity among the community. To set things off, we gave away $100,000 worth of art to those whose homes had not been spared.”

"There is so much compassion and support out there that it is incredibly humbling."

“My home/studio was saved by a whisker and I feel so blessed. Now I really want to help our community focus on the positives that can grow out of this event, just like the phoenix. We have the opportunity to rebuild ourselves the way we want to now. I want the bushfire victims to feel they are supported in this process, and it’s probably more than they know. There is so much compassion and support out there that it is incredibly humbling. We will become so much closer, have a good clean out, create jobs and be ready for fire in the future. I will keep posting all the positives that I find along the way on my website, so keep checking in for a bit of encouragement.” Loviz said

INSPIRATION & SECRETS: The artwork “Rising Phoenix” was created to help the recovery process for many to feel like they could rise from the ashes and to represent the positive aspects of rising from the fires. It was donated to Ellison Public School as a reminder of our resilience and ability to rise above our challenges. There are no FLAMEs in the painting as it is the recovery period. The regenerated Phoenix may be burnt, but its Spirit Soars to the life Glowing from the sun.

Watch the video that was released to help people in our community at the time

Our backyard was burnt to a crisp

Cleaning up was very messy work

The view from the top of my driveway as the fire continued for a few days more

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