Tanya was appointed as the official artist for the Blue Mountains Bicentenary Crossings and Australia’s largest civilian Flyover 2013.

"Come Fly with Me" Art by Tanya Loviz

The main inspiration behind this painting was to be part of such a unique historic event. This is my vision of the Flyover, one where mother nature leads the way and a myriad of aircraft follow the path of the original 3 Explorers. In the foreground is Matt Hall, the aviator in charge of coordinating the aircraft’s, and on the reflection of his nose-cone, you will find the three Explorers, Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth. We have the RAAF Roulettes, classic War-birds, smaller private crafts, antique airships, blimps and planes to represent the 200 years gone by. Also in flight are native birds, insects and some fantastical crafts that I would personally like to be on.

Tanya Loviz is the official artist for the Blue Mountains Bicentenary Flyover 2013. Being the Largest civilian flyover in Australia, held on the 25th May 2013 to celebrate the crossing of the Blue Mountains Explorers in 1813.

Watch the video below to see how Matt Hall the Aviator in Charge was featured


She Calls your name

the Winged One who sings

to you

and all...that can hear

her...Blue Mountains

Come Flyover with me

and you will be sure to see

It's easier than


Yes they carved our Great Western

As we soar inside their Way

to celebrate... a mere 200 years later

with our 200 wings or more...

We are...On the right path...Free

varied in a different time

but same place and destination

How far we've come

We NOW Fly Together

Written 3/4/2013

By Tanya Loviz

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