What relationship do you have with your inner bitch? You can't deny it, we all have one, some just come out to play a bit more than others.

Watch the video below to see how I came to understand mine and what to do with it.

After studying "Psychology of the Selves" & "Voice Dialogue" many moons ago I realised that we all are made up of the same personalities and that just a few of them are dominant in our lives at any one time. So I came to learn that by becoming the observer of these parts that had ruled me for so many years, I could finally see my behaviour with more clarity and that simple act of stepping outside of myself to gain awareness gave me the ability to be master of my actions. Also by fully accepting these various parts in me and everyone else, it helped me to be more compassionate to all people...including myself.

I'd love to hear what methods you use to tame yours, leave me a comment below.


INSPIRATIONS & SECRETS: We are all TRUE gifts to this world. Hidden in the external wrapping that you see in this artwork, is a mix of varied emotions and parts that live only on the outside and can be lifted off quite easily. I discovered this when my inner bitch was a bit out of balance. I decided I wanted to be kinder to others on a moment to moment basis, I wanted to keep it easy, simple & achievable, not give people lavish gifts or anything material. So I did, I consciously gave people that genuine loving me & that's all, not too much & not too little, the intention was the key and that's when it hit me...I am the gift when I am genuinely just wanting to give of myself. By wanting to be a gift to them, I naturally become a gift. A gift to people and to the moment that I am in, I'm presenting my presence as a gift to the present and others presence. How sweet. So I try to apply this as often as I can, even though my inner bitch still rules me at


I open myself up to you ...

Unwrapping the shiny layers

Letting emotions fall away as I do

I see

Deep into your eyes

Yes, the mirror that your soul wears

And your presence

I finally can BE ...

With you

In the present

Let's share this precious present ...


For eternity

I love

Tanya Loviz (written: 29.5.2009)


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