The Carrington Hotel is a majestic hotel that opened back in 1883, it is a work of art in its own right with every nook and cranny filled with historic charm and old-world detail. I've been intrigued by it for years and have held many grand events here including the "Immortalised in Paint" Event which inspired the artwork "Lady Carrington".

"Often referred to as the Grand Old Lady of the West, she sits proudly at the top of the Blue Mountains, welcoming travellers a place to rest and play."

The Lady in this artwork is representing the hotel itself and the way people bring this old girl to life by living brightly inside her. The little people entering the hotel are her breath, going in...going out again and again, and the brightly coloured windows are the people lighting her up and providing life. Hidden inside the background is the boa clouds, the sky man in the distance offering her the moon, the flames that burn for the weary traveller and more.

Lady Carrington - Art by Tanya Loviz


Watch the video & photos below to see the details and happenings.




on the Mountains Blue

She Breathes Deeply

With the glow of her people

Going in...Going out

Keeping her Fire Alive

As the silver-lined mist

Caresses her highest heights

And the Blue Mountains

Within her vulnerable heart

Is held gently

By all who stay

Please leave your light on

Inside her

Written 22/7/2010

By Tanya Loviz

Let me know your experiences with this Grand Old Lady of the West, I'd love to hear your stories.


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