After many years of sharing breakfast with the wild birds in our old home in the Blue Mountains, Australia, they became like part of the family. See how they have worked their way into my paintings.

It has taken years for the Rosella's to get this comfortable with us, as they are one of the shyest of the wild birds in the Blue Mountains. It is fascinating to watch the different characteristics of each bird type, the more you get to know them the more entertaining they are and a true pleasure to develop a relationship with.

It's the best feeling when I walk onto my back deck and a bird lands on my shoulder to greet me good morning, what a magical way to start the day.”

As an artist I am born to be extra observant and as we've lived on large properties it is very easy to be distracted by my wildlife surroundings and it's intricate beauty. If you look up close at the iridescence of a birds feathers or the glossy reflection of a water droplet that's sparkling in the distance or the brilliant green of new growth on a gum tree you will find beauty almost everywhere. I feel so blessed to be so naturally connected to my environment.

Watch the video below to see how the wild birds have inspired my "Three Fly Free" Artwork.

The artwork in the video above are available in various forms, click > for your options.

P.s. We always feed the birds responsibly, by planting native trees so they have a variety of food to choose from. Also we skip days of feeding them and don't overfeed, so they aren't completely reliant on us and we don't leave food in feeders to become a breeding ground for sharing disease. We do not feed the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos (we protect the seed until it is consumed each time) as they are over populating and stealing the homes of other birds like the diminishing Black- Red Tailed and Black- Yellow Tailed Cockatoos and many other smaller parrots and finches.

This is covering any areas of concern and we would encourage others to follow this attitude to keep a good balance if you feed wild birds.

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