Unwrap the Presents


  • We are all TRUE gifts to this world. Hidden in the external wrapping that you see in this artwork, is a mix of varied emotions and parts that live only on the outside and can be lifted off quite easily. I discovered this when my inner bitch was a bit out of balance. I decided I wanted to be kinder to others on a moment to moment basis,  I wanted to keep it easy, simple & achievable, not give people lavish gifts or anything material. So I did, I consciously gave people that genuine loving me & that's all, not too much & not too little, the intention was the key and that's when it hit me...I am the gift when I am genuinely just wanting to give of myself. By wanting to be a gift to them, I naturally become a gift. A gift to people and to the moment that I am in, I'm presenting my presence as a gift to the present and others presence. How sweet. So I try to apply this as often as I can, even though my inner bitch still rules me at times.

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